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Energy ION Energy Mini-Cups - 10 Cups

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Cupping Therapy Set: 10 Silicone Negative Ion Energy Cups with Far Infrared Negative Ion balls – Best for Static Care, Feet and Hand Reflexology, Acupuncture, Arthritis, Muscle Pain, Shoulders & Knees. Whether you are an experienced practitioner or just discovering Cupping Benefits for self-care, this custom engineered Kit is for YOU!

UNLOCK THE BENEFITS: Vacuum CUPPING lifts skin helping break up and drain stagnation, increase blood and lymph flow (lymphatic drainage), release toxins, loosen connective tissues, clear colon blockage and much more in ways that cannot be achieved with any regular Deep Tissue, Swedish or other types of compression massage.

ENERGY, STRENGTH & VITALITY: Cupping can help reduce swelling and inflammation, relieve fatigue, ease arthritis, muscle and joint pain, alleviate chronic pain, strengthen the immune system, improve sleep, balance and energy, enhance physical & mental performance, increase endurance.

BEST CHOICE: 10 Performance driven cups with 6 embedded magnets takes STATIC CUPPING & MAGNETIC THERAPY to a whole new level! Unlike other glass, silicone, plastic or rubber cups, these cups are small, light yet strong enough to stay put on harder to suction bone areas like wrists, knees, ankles, and feet. Place one or as many cups as you need to a clean area you intend to treat, apply light pressure at the top of the cup to create suction. Keep in place for 5-15 minutes. Use dry or add water or any lubricant for stronger suction.

THE PERFECT GIFT – Share the gift of health & vitality and the therapeutic benefits of our Magnetic Therapy Cupping Cups. Every set arrives in a satin pouch for storage and travel. 

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