Beginner Cupping Set (1 Large, 1 Small)

Beginner Cupping Set (1 Large, 1 Small)

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Beginner cupping set sampler featuring LURE silicone cups:


Your set includes 2 Cup sizes.

1 Large ZEN dome-shaped cup OR a large EDGE-shaped cup. 


1 small ZEN cups for static, flash or massage cupping


Muscle tension relief - Carpal Tunnel - Sciatica - Stress

Neck & Shoulder soreness - Cellulite - Scars - Spider Veins

Improve Digestion - Activate Lymph System -



  • Professional premium quality pliable medical grade silicone set provides superior suction, flexibility and control.  Easy to squeeze and easy on your hands.
  • Turn your life around! 5 minutes of cupping = 30 minutes of Deep Tissue Massage.  Healthy natural alternative to prescription pain relief, anti-cellulite treatments, body wraps and cellulite devices. 
  • Activate lymphatic drainage, detox your body and improve respiratory function, reduce swelling, arthritis and knee pain.
  • Immediate and lasting results.