Lure Essentials®

SCULPT Cupping Massage for the body


Sculpt Massage Cup kit includes 1 Large Zen Cup, 1 Small Zen Cup, 1 large Edge Cup

⭐️Ideal for athletes, runners, yoga & cross fit enthusiasts.  Perfect for travellers and those who sit all day or are in front of a computer.  Easy to use DIY that will ignite both your wellness & beauty routine.

Supports Coolsculpting treatments along with a wide range of body shaping laser treatments - call to ask us how. 

Multi-action body shaping for a Beautifully Sculpted You!

Defines & contours LEARN MORE

Cellulite - Legs - Buttocks - Stomach - Arms  - Muscle Tension

Cupsculpting® is easy…begin by applying massage oil OR if in your shower, your favourite body wash to the treatment area. Squeeze the air from your cup and place it on the skin. Suction of the skin will occur IMMEDIATELY after you’ve released the vacuum of your Cup.

How does Lure-Cup Sculpting work?

Offering precision suction, LURE® cups are designed for both the home & professional user. Easy to use, Lure-Cups’ gentle “Pinch & Glide” technique offers immediate results and visible improvements.

Is Lure-Cup Sculpting Safe?
Engineered and manufactured of food-grade silicone, Lure-Cups are unbreakable, washable and portable - you can take them anywhere!

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